The Perfect Bed - Few Secrets For You

We spend 1/3 of our lives in bed so it is very important to create our beds beautiful, comfortable and stylish. We choose for you a few small tips. 

1. Always Classic Linens

Choose a matching set of sheets, standard shams, and a duvet cover in white or ivory. Then add a solid-colored, lightweight quilt or coverlet with coordinating European shams. Bedding that is light in color and made of linen or cotton—it's easy to maintain and always in style.

2. Iron Your Sheets

Whether you send them out to be pressed or do it yourself with plenty of starch, ironed sheets add a polished touch."There is nothing better than a crisp bed!"

3. Have Nice Folds

For a smart finish, turn your top sheet back at least 14 inches over your coverlet to show off interesting trim details. Fold your duvet in thirds in a Z pattern, and place it at the foot of the bed so it looks nice and fluffy during the day and can be pulled up easily at night.

4. Layer Your Pillows

Place your standard shams closest to the headboard, and then add a pair of European shams. For king-size beds, use three Euro shams instead of two. Finish the arrangement with decorative pillows in another fabric for a dose of personality. Don't go overboard with the pillows! You should always leave some space between your pillows and the folded duvet cover.

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