Summertime in your flat

Vacation and summer are those moments which we use to await for long, cold, winter months. It’s possible to keep them for longer – all we need to do is to redecorate our flats in a summer style using some tricks. Then, the tme spent in home won’t be just a regular rest from work but a real vacation from everyday life.

Colour is the basic element of a vacation design. Blue, intense yellow and green remind the summertime. There’s no need to have all walls in those colours, sometimes we can achieve the effect by choosing a small part of a wall or focus on accessories in intense blue, yellow, green, purple and even red. Those items are easy to remove or change when we are bored with the style. Furnitures, lamps, tableware or pillows in holiday colours should be a perfect match to summer look of your flat. Remember, that the best basic colour is white, it will make a great banalce with strong, colourful accents.

While choosing the accessories we can focus on their colour, but also on style and our holiday associations. In summer-inspired style we can decide on delicate curtains, rattan armchairs, bamboo blinds, colourful umbrellas and hammocks on a balcony. A great power of summertime can be find in shell, wave and beach sand motives which can be presented on a wall. Never forget about plants in bloom and full of green colour. A real holiday jungle will be a great solution for your balcony! As you can see it’s not difficult to keep the summer for yourself a bit longer.


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