September challenge – student room

School year is approaching faster and faster. It’s a time of arrangements, shopping and changes. Have you already thought of redecorating your kid’s room? It’s always nice to start the new school year in a refreshed space. Test out 5 ideas for a functional and comfortable room for your child.

  1. Zoning

No matter if you have a big or a small space to decorate, it’s always worth to divide it into zones: bedroom one, fun one and a special space for learninig. Thanks to this your kid will have a chance to divide attention and time. Bed, desk and playing space should function independently and not influence on each other. You can reach this aim with different colours, separate lighting and specific attributes typical for each segment.

2. Desk

A school-aged kid room should be a perfect place for both – learning and fun. Thinking of the first aim, you should choose a good, well matched desk, if possible – with a bright top so your kid could focus on learning. Parents often make a big mistake – they pick a nice furniture, and do not think of ergonomics or functionality. A perfect desk should be relatively large to house all needed items, and should has a function of adjusting the height. Thanks to this you wouldn’t have to buy a new furniture each year.

3. Board

While planning solutions which would faciliate your child to live between school and fun, think of a board which would help to organize the time. A big blackboard or a a pin board is a great space to pin a lesson plan, schedule of extra activities, notes for exams or self-made projects and pictures.

4. Organizers

I believe that your kid’s space is full of learning items, clothes and toys. Think of a functional and interesting way to keep the room nice and tidy. Plastic boxes, colorful cartons and pockets which you can pin on a wall, would be a great help. You can make those on your own and treat it as a nice way of spending time with your child.

5. Theme room

Your children’s room is not only a space for playing and learning. It’s also a place where they feel comfortable, safe and which they are happy to get back after long hours spent at school. That’s why you should think of a theme room – spiderman one? Or maybe a princess castle?  

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