Retro kitchen of your dreams

Unfortunately time travel is not possible. However we cant turn back time in our interiors by choosing retro design. It’s quite popular and interesting idea in kitchen furnishing as nowadays designers and the market give us more and more retro hints and kitchen equipment. What do we need to know while returning a kitchen to its retro roots?

Retro style is focused on specified colours – energetic pink, subdued green or fiery red are must have colours in kitchen of the fifties. We can also decide on cool pastels which will be perfect background for those saturated ones. Black, dark violet and brown won’t match at all in our retro kitchen project.

Another, very important element is the gloss. Furniture, especially kitchen cabinets and the table should shine and attract the attention. As should small, exquisite details such as retro stylized handles, catchy posters or pictures in colored frames and funny cups and jugs. Do not forget about stylish metal cans. Very popular is plastic however ceramics is always welcome in the retro kitchen too.

Household items also should be selected with care. Many producers follow trends and try to meet customer needs. Thet’s why we can choose from a wide range of kettles, refrigerators, cookes, coffee machines, mixers and toasters. One thing we need to remember of is an appropriate colour and streamlined shapes, typical for retro design.

Retro kitchen won’t match for everybody. A sense of humor and longing for the past is needed to be fully satisfied with the new kitchen look.   

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