2014/10/15 11:35

Another Unique Saturday is Coming!

On October 18th, we again open our sales office to those interested in buying an apartment. Don’t miss the Open Day! Put it on your schedule today!

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2014/10/08 13:10

Design is trendy

There’s no accounting for taste as everyone has his or her own. However, if interior decorations are designed by fashion designers, it is definitely a big deal. We decided to investigate the relationship between fashion and interiors, design and clothing. 

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2014/09/22 09:36

Open Day with Passion

Another Open Day is behind us! Special thanks to those who decided to discover Garden Residence. You will find a short photo story of the event. Remember that the reduced price offer for large area apartments is on till the end of the month! As you know Garden Residence gives you the best selection of apartments.

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2014/09/11 12:41

Protecting witnesses of the past

Local spatial development plan, accepted by the municipal conservator of historical building, states that the post-industrial character of this part of Podgórze district should be retained. 

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2014/08/28 11:22

Fall Open Day

Another special Saturday is before us! On September 13, we invite you to the Fall Open Day at Garden Residence. From 10 am to 3 pm, our team of advisors is waiting for you in our sales office at Przemysłowa 4.

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2014/08/25 10:53

New Neighbour

Coming soon. On the south bank of the Vistula river. Just few steps from Garden Residence. On September 12, there is an official opening of the new Cricoteka in Zabłocie.

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2014/08/11 11:45

Home sweet home

This is my place, this is my home. Usually we grow up in a single district of the city. We get used to the place and to our closest neighborhood. The same relates to Zabłocie. Even today you can find many inhabitants that have positive memories of their childhood in this post-industial district. 

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2014/08/07 14:11

Home Office

Summer is a good time to think about rearranging your apartament. In Garden Residence we not only have ideas how to do it but also we will contact you with the best professional architects and interior designers who will offer their advice.

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2014/07/16 09:47

2 in 1

The everlasting  “square meters or location” dilemma doesn’t have to be your worry! An expensive apartment in a cheaper naeighborhood  or a cheap one in a prestigious location? Garden Residence is a good alternative. On the one hand, the Zabłocie district is situated in the centre of Kraków. On the other hand, the district is really close to the Vistula river.

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2014/07/04 14:13

Holidays Without Worries

Summer season is in full swing. Holidays, trips, camps. We travel close and far away from home, for long and for short. Before going on holidays, it is crucial to prepare the apartment for your departure.

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