2015/02/12 10:33

Reasonable Investment

According to this season’s trends, wood will have its comeback. Although the material is precious, it may turn out problematic as an element of your modern interior design characterized by quirky accessories and out-of-ordinary solutions. 

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2015/02/02 08:27

Developments vs. apartment blocks

Why primary housing market is better than the secondary one? Why buying an apartment from a developer is a better option than a flat in an apartment block?

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2015/01/26 11:38

In Peace and Harmony

Feng-shui is the ancient Chinese art of space planning which aims at reaching harmony with nature. The two Chinese words mean wind and water respectively symbolizing the invisible and the intangible.

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2015/01/19 13:29

Move in with us this year!

Latest real estates specialists’ reports have been particularly optimistic – the beginning of 2015 is a perfect time for you to buy your own appartment.

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2015/01/12 12:24

Do It Yourself

The movement of DIY is more and more popular when it comes to finishing and arranging apartments. It is a priceless feeling to see your guests sitting at your handmade coffee table.

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2014/11/24 12:24

A client walks into the sales office…

Reports carried out by Internet portals and have shown that another stereotype is tumbling down. It turns out that not only men take the definitive decision to buy an apartment. More and more women take the initiative and carefully plan the whole process.

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2014/11/07 11:11

Commercial spaces

Garden Residence is not only beautiful flats and aparments but also commercial spaces located on the ground floor. 

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