How to create space in a room?

A single mirror place in a room can add to the visual size as well as increase the depth of light. It gives the illusion that a space expands further than it actually does.

Large mirrors can be very expensive. A collection of smaller mirrors is an alternative option. They can be collected over time which helps to add to the sentimental value of the effect you are trying to achieve. To create a cohesive look within the design, mirrors can have a paint technique applied to help tie the different elements together. Think carefully about the composition, using asymetrical symetry or radial balance to create a concept that is pleasing to the eye.

One of type is floor length mirrors - this type of the mirror effectively makes any room feel bigger as well as create the feeling of height. The eye is drawn up and around the room because of the mirror's long shape and because of their size they also add extra light. You may use them in a composition behind a grouping of furniture or as a statement piece just on their own.

Other solution is using the place one next to your dining room tableThis is also a great design technique used in many restaurants because a mirror placed in this position will allow for softer lighting to be used and still keep the area well-lit. It enables you to create a beautiful relaxing ambiance in your dining area so that your friends and family can relax.


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