Autumn in your apartment 

The Autumn is the best time of the year to incorporate earth tone colors into your home decorations. The return of cooler temperatures, fall colors, that is all the evidence we need that autumn is officially here. Adding autumn touches of decor to your home will help you survive long evenings after summer. You can take autumn colors from the exterior to the interior of your home. The decoration colors can be rich and robust or subtle and subdued.  Choose your style and see these 5 decorating tips and ideas!

1. Dining room table

Depending on if you want to go formal or casual for your table, choose colors that reflect your home decor and the season. Consider using red and yellow apples for an informal organic and edible centerpiece. Remember, the centerpiece doesn’t have to be stagnant, add or detract from it throughout the season for added visual interest.

2. Decoration closed in the glass jars

For simple and inexpensive display items, fill mason jars or decorative glass jars with rowan, cones or other colorful novelty items.  Try filling various sizes with colorful dried fruits. Décor can be functional and beautiful!

3. Change the color of slipcovers

Colorful slipcovers can quickly and inexpensively add color to any room.  Slipcovers can be formal or casual depending on the weight of the fabric and color. Decide on which fits your décor, and consider formal dining room chair slipcovers, as well.

4. Hang heavier curtains

Now that the cooler temperatures are settling in, prepare your home by switching out the lighter fabrics for heavier ones. Deeper colors and heavier fabrics will feel warmer and hold more air out of the room. Changing to fall shades to match your decor will bring instant color from floor to ceiling.

5. Use your imagination with D.I.Y. projects

Fall is the perfect time to visit home improvement stores and arts and crafts stores for inspiration. Look for workshops and home decorating tips being offered for free at these locations.  Fall decorating cable television programs on home improvement networks are also a good resource for grabbing inspiration.

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